Looking back it is amazing just how quickly the team has grown over the past few years. In 2011, we employed just 6 people - including the directors - and worked from a converted shop in Selly Oak. Fast forward to the present day and we have 16 full-time members of staff plus an additional 10 part-time Operations Support staff. We've also moved from the shop to a fabulous converted warehouse in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter which we're looking forward to showing you in the future.

Our experienced, dedicated team is on hand 24 hours a day to provide all our promoters and customers with an excellent service. We pride ourselves on the personalised support that we give, and to help you get to know the team even better we are going to introduce you to 2 people in each of these posts.



Stormy has worked as a software engineer at TheTicketSellers since 2011. He and his colleagues design and build new features for the website and event management software.

Likes: Cycling, computer games, and iguanas
Dislikes: Peas, sweetcorn, and barbers

Favourite film: It's A Wonderful Life

Favourite band: Sabaton

If I was trapped on a desert island I would like these 2 items with me: A machete and a sharpening stone

Strengths: Analytical, thoughtful, and honest

Desired superpower: Flight

I love working for TheTicketSellers because: It is full of excellent people



Luke works part time in Operations Support at TheTicketSellers. He handles telephone queries and orders from customers as part of our 24/7 support team.

Likes: Bacon, hip hop, weight training, anime, and skating

Dislikes: Mayonnaise, dry food, and falling over

Favourite film: Jackie Brown

Favourite band: Slum Village

If I was trapped on a desert island I would like these 2 items with me: Bow and arrows and a sun hat

Strengths: Creative, calm, and positive

**Desired superpower: To be able to turn into a Super Saiyan because then I could fly and shoot energy blasts from my hands

I love working for TheTicketSellers because: There's a good working atmosphere and a big company vision