As a smallish Birmingham-based company we're always excited to work with other smallish Birmingham-based companies, especially when it makes life better for our clients and demonstrates the creativity and talent in Birmingham.

Today we're happy to announce something we've been planning for several months. Coming October 2016, Eventree will integrate with NCASS Connect - the leading platform for finding and managing food traders for events.

What's all this about?


The Nationwide Caterers Association provides caterers with the information, systems and support they need in order to be safe, legal and profitable.

Thousands of event organisers use NCASS Connect to advertise trading opportunities to caterers, receive applications and manage documentation for traders.

The NCASS Connect system is the only system referenced in the Food Standards agencies’ Food Law Code of Practice guidance notes for managing mobile food businesses. It connects event organisers to traders but also local authority enforcement teams, enabling them to target inspections more effectively and reduce unnecessary workloads. Meaning less hassle for you and traders on site from enforcement. It was the major reason cited for NCASS’ best business award at the primary authority awards.


Eventree is the simplest way to manage people working and performing at events. At the heart of Eventree is a powerful accreditation platform. Event organisers can issue tickets to crew/artists/traders etc in advance of the event. These tickets are then checked at the event and swapped for wristbands. With Eventree event organisers know exactly who is on site and what their role is.

Working together

Bringing the two systems together makes perfect sense.

This is how it will work for you:

  • Within NCASS Connect you can build up a list of food traders for your event.
  • You will then be able to click 'Export to Eventree' to export the traders' details to Eventree.
  • Eventree will then issue them all with the appropriate tickets/passes for your event.
  • When the traders arrive at the event you can scan their tickets to check they are valid
  • You now have a full and accurate record of who is working on site.
  • You can continue to use NCASS Connect's document management features to ensure all your traders have the appropriate documentation and training.

Plus you can tap into more advanced Eventree features such as meal planning and redemption, budgeting and resource management.

We at NCASS are delighted to be working with Eventree to create connectivity between our two systems. It will create a seamless experience for event organisers while saving them time, effort and money.

On top of that it will enable the authorities to effectively manage food safety at your events. Because local authorities can view trader details and inspection reports it should remove the need for blanket inspections at events, instead enabling targeted inspections, reducing your workload and inconvenience and giving you valuable feedback on the food safety of the traders you work with.

Mark Laurie, Director @ NCASS

We hope you will agree that this partnership makes perfect sense. Both platforms assist event organisers in different ways, and there is a natural crossover at the point traders are booked to work at an event.

For more information on this partnership or other aspects of Eventree please email

Image credit: Noosa Food & Wine
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