To support a number of exciting multi-day events over the summer the technical team at TheTicketSellers delivered an exciting new feature - an on-the-door sales interface built into our existing ticketing platform.

Why is this important?

Whilst some events sell out well in advance others don't - and often for good reason. On the door customers are an important part of building the buzz around an event and encouraging more people to make a last minute decision to visit.

We recognised the need to integrate on-the-door sales with our ticketing platform. This means promoters can sell their existing tickets, or add new tickets with prices and features designed to attract walk up customers.

How does it work?

When promoters log into our website they can now view their own event and access a new interface to sell on-the-door tickets. The website will log card and cash payments and feed the data through to the existing sales reports.

All account and reporting are therefore consolidated in one place, making it easy to gauge the success of an event.

Has it been successful?

We certainly think so! At least one event has sold several thousand tickets to on-the-door customers in this way. Previously they would have been managing two sets of customers - those who paid in advance, and those who turned up on the day. This year, for every day of the school holiday, they've been able to manage both groups of customers through one streamlined interface.

All in all another exciting and useful new feature from TheTicketSellers.