Energy Revolution is a charitable industry collaboration making a huge impact. One of the biggest factors contributing to CO2 emissions from any festival is audience travel and the Energy Revolution are helping events counteract their impact in different ways.

One of which is the Travel Carbon Calculator which allows ticket buying customers to enter their postcode and be informed of a suitable donation to balance their carbon. There is no obligation to do so, but festivals have collectively educated their audience and balanced millions of miles of audience travel with the positive action of donations going towards the creation of renewable energy.

To add the calculator to your event listing, please contact your Account Manager at TheTicketSellers and we can have this set up in no time. After the event, any funds collected will be paid straight to the Energy Revolution on your behalf so it’s a very easy way of doing something great. As an added bonus, you may even be included on Energy Revolutions extensive PR and what a great way to get your festival talked about!