So, you're a happy Eventree user. You've added your crew to your event and assigned them all the right tickets. Great. Now you need to send them all out.

Here are some tips to help with that.



We think it's really important that communications from Eventree reflect your event. After all, Eventree is just the tool you're using - it shouldn't become the face of your event.

Start by reading our default email templates which you can edit in Event settings > Email templates:

Settings menu The email editor: Editing an email We've tried to keep them simple and free of clutter. Each one serves a different purpose, but the tone should be shared between them. Remember, these emails are what most people will see, so they need to sound as though they've come from your event.

Keep our wording by all means, but tweak it to sound like it's you talking - your team will respond better to that.



Each email from Eventree is a chance to connect with your team, to welcome them as part of the group which is going to make your event stand out from all the others. It's important people recognise the emails as being official event communication. Branding goes a long way to help with this.

Event settings > Uploads can be used to upload any graphics/artwork you want to include in your emails. Once you've uploaded an image you can grab the URL from this page and then embed it into your emails.

For example, upload your event logo and include it at the top of each email:

Image uploader



The default content in the emails serves its purpose. It talks people through the steps they need to follow in order to assign tickets, download their ticket, claim their meals etc...

But you can make it much more than that!

  1. Event settings > Uploads can also be used to upload PDFs, Word documents etc which can be sent to everyone.

Simply tick the 'Include in all emails' option to add the file as an attachment to every e-ticket email which gets sent from Eventree:

Ticket options

Or for more control tick the checkbox next to each ticket type that you want the attachment to be sent with. This means that, for example, you could send one attachment to crew and another to artists, and perhaps another to volunteers.

  1. For even more control you can send different emails to people based on where the fit within your event.

If you go into any area or sub-area and open the Settings menu on the left you can edit the email templates for this section alone.

This means you can send the people in this section a different email to other people, so you can include content which is relevant for bar staff (for example) in their emails and different information for volunteers.

We hope this information has been useful and helps you connect with your team via Eventree.