As promised, we are going to introduce you to more people in each of these posts. Here are two more members of the creative TTS team based in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter.



Ben has worked as a software engineer at TheTicketSellers since 2014. He and his colleagues design and build new features for the website and event management software. Ben is busy working on some exciting new features for our crew system ready for upcoming festival season.

Likes: Comic books, video games, music, and sushi

Dislikes: Sprouts, hospitals

Favourite film: Juno

Favourite band: The Dresden Dolls

My two desert island items: An axe and a large sheet of tarpaulin

Strengths: Problem solver, hard-working, and frank

Superpower: Immortality



DJ is an account manager at TheTicketSellers. He spends day and night making sure that our clients' needs are being met, their events are being promoted and generally that everyone is happy. Despite making other people happy all day, DJ is one of the grumpiest people you will ever meet.

Likes: Caffeine, music, festivals and creme eggs

Dislikes: Ryvita

Favourite film: Exit Through The Gift Shop

Favourite band: Gentlemans Dub Club

My two desert island items: Speakers and DJ Decks

Strengths: Having no weaknesses

Superpower: Pause, Rewind and Fast Forward time

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