What's this? More people? More likes and dislikes? More slightly suspect film and music choices? It must be time for another meet the team!



Liz rules our office with an iron fist. Woe betide anyone who buys anything without it first being run past Liz. Once, someone didn't submit a receipt to her on time. They don't work for the company anymore.

Just kidding. She's lovely. And basically runs the company. Also, she bakes cakes on a regular basis and they are always delicious.

Likes: Arts and crafts, white wine, baking cakes and yurting

Dislikes: Mushrooms, queuing and late trains

Favourite film: Clueless

Favourite band: Pharcyde

My two desert island items: My son and a radio to listen to 6 Music

Strengths: Relater, responsible and realistic

Superpower: To fly, who wouldn't want to fly!



Kev is a bit of a technical all-rounder. He looks after our on-site kit by making sure the right combination of hardware ends up at the right events. He plays a huge part in designing new features for our systems and spends hours testing even the smallest changes to make sure things work perfectly for our clients.

Likes: Wales, Coca-Cola and attention to detial

Dislikes: Having fake facts made up about me

Favourite film: Royal Tenenbaums

Favourite band: Pamplemousse

My two desert island items: iPad & penknife

Strengths: Being thorough & determined

Superpower: The ability to read minds

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