With the pandemic still trooping on with all guns blaring, the quietness and muting in the live music and festival industry has given the team at TicketSellers some time to work on some valuable improvements to our systems and the way we do things - all to make life easier for event organisers when life returns back to normal.

Our tech team has been working behind the scenes, ready to hit the ground running and provide an even more exceptional service than usual. Go team! So, what exactly does this mean? Well, let me tell you.


  • If you have a form that you need, for example, traders to fill out to apply to attend your event, you can sign up for form submission alerts in order to get an email when new documents are submitted for an already submitted form (e.g. suppliers uploading new insurance documents). This means you don’t need to keep relentlessly checking to see if you can approve an application, you’ll get notified straight away. We love to save time!
  • As well as this, you can now complete custom fields at the point of approving an application. In fact, if those fields are mandatory, you have to complete them at the point of approving the application.
  • Similarly, If you’re approving groups (e.g. traders) and want to send their group leader logins at the same time you can now do that, too. This saves you having to find the group and send the login later.
  • We’ve added a new event setting: “Never show preview emails.” Once switched on, Eventree will send emails for you without popping up a preview box. This will speed up your workflow considerably when you’re busy sending out tickets and passes.


  • The most beneficial change we’ve made to our organiser control panel is the ability to use the ticket import themselves. Although this tool has always existed, it was previously limited to TicketSellers operators explicitly. Perfect for festivals with tons of tickets, this makes it much quicker to get your event on sale rather than adding tickets one by one.
  • Organisers can also access all the different unavailable/secret etc settings themselves, so you can mess around with tickets going on/off sale to your complete satisfaction.
  • A “rollover to 2022” option is now available in the refund settings (we call this a ‘precautionary measure’).
  • Organisers can list an event as “private” now! You can do this when adding or editing their event.
  • Some amendments to the customise event page mean you can: upload any size logo and it will resize it; upload animated gifs as backgrounds; and allow backgrounds to tile by default. We’ve also made it a bit clearer when you’ve got a logo etc and when you haven’t uploaded one yet - you can never be too safe!
  • The bulk ticket edit page. This is probably our favourite thing of all time. Accessed using a link just above the list of tickets on the organiser view of the event, it allows you to manage all the tickets in bulk. If you’ve ever wanted to change tickets from unavailable > coming soon > on sale at 7pm this is the page for you!