Thanks everyone who got in touch following this April fools article below. We're glad you enjoyed the joke!

As we all know, fraud is a big concern within the ticketing industry. At TheTicketSellers we have a number of measures in place to reduce fraud, and our R&D team is always busy working on new features to completely eradicate it.

After several months of intense work we're delighted to announce the most secure event ticketing solution in the world.

You've heard of e-tickets, now meet eye-tickets.

Starting today, all tickets sold via come with Intelligent Retina Identification Security (or IRIS for short) as standard.

IRIS, our most advanced security solution, works like this:

  • The customer buys their ticket from our website as normal
  • As part of the checkout process our system accesses their Facebook account and copies the highest resolution profile picture it can find
  • Our machine learning intelligent image recognition system extracts their eyes from the photo and stores a hash of their retinal image against the ticket data in our database
  • When the customer arrives at the event use our iPhone app Box Office to scan their ticket as normal
  • If fraud is suspected, simply use the camera on your iPhone to scan their retina.
  • A hash of this image is taken and compared to the hash stored against the ticket. If the two match, the iPhone will give you the virtual thumbs up and you can admit the person to your event.

Simple, yet completely foolproof.

IRIS is available right now - download your copy of Box Office and enjoy the most secure event ticketing solution in the world.