As you probably know, we're at Festival Congress 2017 as the headline sponsor. Over the two days we're going to be rather busy, so we thought we'd keep you updated with what we're up to!

Monday (31/10/16)

Packing up our business cards and brochures ready for tomorrow. Before you ask, yes, they're both made from recycled paper!

Cards Brochures

We've also got loads of wristbands ready to hand out! They do some pretty clever stuff as we shall be demonstrating with the aid of some edible goodness!


Tuesday (01/11/16)

Hello Cardiff. We've arrived!

We've Arrived

Receptions is now quiet, everyone is in, talks are underway and Festival Congress is in full swing.


If a bottle of free champers tickles your fancy, come and see us for details about how you could win.


We probably forgot to mention what a fantastic venue The Wales Millennium Centre is!

Wales Millennium Centre

Mo and Phil have taken to the stage to talk about all things eventree, TheTicketSellers, festivals and more.

Mo Talk Phil Talk

We've checked into our hotel. Shame about the weather though.

Mo Talk

After a long day, we're finally leaving the venue and off to the evening do! Now where's the bar?

venue venue

The Awards are starting and it's filling up nicely.

Filling Up

The winners are announced!

Winners Winners

The winners are as follows:

New festival on the block


Unique festival arena

Deer Shed Festival's Film Production Big Top

Live act of the year

Spring King

Mind blowing spectacle

Brian Eno's light Installation at Bluedot, Jodrell Bank

Best smart marketing campaign of the year

End of the Road's lineup announcement video

Festival journalist of the year

David Hillier (Freelancer for The Guardian, Vice etc..)

Act of Independence

MAST drugs testing piloted at UK festivals

Festival caterer most likely to end up on Instagram

The Cheese Truck

The Backstage Award

Artist Liaison at Blissfields

Unsung hero

Penny Mellor- Health, safety and welfare expert at festivals

Wednesday (02/11/16)

Ready for day two!

Director Mo getting stuck in testing out our new ring scanners.

Phil managed to find some time to grab a refreshing drink.

That's all until next year!