We're excited to announce a few updates to Eventree which make it easier to keep track of who you've requested forms from, who's sent them back, and who you need to chase.

Come with me on a short journey to demonstrate how this works...

Imagine that you're an event organiser and you've created an area or sub-area to hold all your exhibitors. You've called the area 'Exhibitors' because that's the sort of person you are, and you've added all 4 exhibitors details:

Now let's imagine for a moment that you have a compulsory form that you need all these exhibitors to complete before they can come to your event. You're going to use this form to gather all their vital info and documents to save you emailing them all and requesting the info one by one.

Tick the box next to each exhibitor that you want to email the form to:

Now click on 'Select an action' and 'Email selected':

Click on 'Placeholders' and scroll to the end to find the placeholder for your form:

Select, copy and paste it into your email. Don't forget to write the rest of the email too:

When you're happy with the text send the email out. You'll see that there's now a little icon next to each exhibitor. It's blue which means you've asked them to complete the form but they haven't done so yet:

As exhibitors start to fill in their forms the icons become black showing that they've done it. You can also click on the icon to show their completed form:

Finally, if the group leader (that's your main contact for each exhibitor) logs in to allocate their tickets and hasn't noticed your email asking them to complete the form they get a helpful reminder at the top of the page:

We're making a real push to ensure that forms and documents are handled seamlessly by Eventree. We understand how important they are to you to ensure the smooth running of your event. If there's a way that Eventree could handle documents or forms which would help you please get in touch.