You may or may not know that TheTicketSellers started as a record store called Old Skool Daze many, many years ago. Since then we've got a new name, (TheTicketSellers) a new HQ and have grown to become one of the leading ticket agents in the UK.

Seeing as it's Record Store Day, we thought we'd share some of our favorite vinyl with you. Picks by; DJ, Sam, Mo and Gemma.

Artist: Burial
Title: Untrue

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The first vinyl I purchased and an album that still surprises me every time I listen. Angelic, echoey samples and wonky, off beat drums. Burial is shrouded in mystery as only a handful of people actually know who he is, which adds to my love of this album. The guy literally draws his own soundwaves and apparently doesn’t rate his own productions… he’s a genius. (DJ)

Artist: Chet Faker
Title: Built On Glass

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The most chilled out and beautiful thing imaginable. Chet Faker could basically put his vocals on anything and it’d sound great. His EP, Thinking in Textures was going to take this spot, but the album has more tracks on it (and some insane artwork inside) so it’s just that little bit more special. This is probably my most listened to album of recent years and I couldn’t recommend it enough. (DJ)

Artist: Spectrasoul
Title: Delay No More

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For me to say I’m a lover of Drum & Bass would be an understatement. Drum & Bass was the soundtrack to most of my teenage years and it features heavily anytime I decide to pop some headphones on. This LP really is liquid Drum & Bass at it’s very best. The album isn’t half bad either, combining sounds from the entire spectrum of the genre. (DJ)

Artist: The Killers
Title: Hot Fuss

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One of the most interesting additions to my collection over the past couple of years is this debut release from 2003’s biggest breakthrough act. The entire 11 track album is split onto individual singles accompanied by a unique B-side. An absolute snipe on eBay that’s led to many happy hours listening to the first album the ever truly influenced me. (Sam)

Artist: Postal Service
Title: Give Up 10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

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Whilst I try and not indulge record companies and their insistence on ‘deluxe’, ‘ultimate’, and ‘limited’ edition re-releases, this was too good an opportunity to pass up when I purchased it last year from Ignite Records. One of the richest editions of an album I’ve ever come across, it’s pack to the brim with incredible remixes, b-sides, live performances, and artwork that will entertain you in different ways every time you listen. (Sam)

Artist: My Chemical Romance
Title: Conventional Weapons

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After the massive critical and commercial success of ‘The Black Parade’, My Chemical Romance got their heads down and started smashing out some new tracks. And then scrapped them. Starting fresh, they released ‘Danger Days . . .’ to milder reviews. The missing tracks however, remained a mystery to fans until 2013, when MCR published the 5 disc set in an incredible looking format; coloured vinyl, individual labels, lyric sheets, and a target range poster. The tracks, however, are the highlight; punchy, punky, aggressive, and removing the emo shackles of what would have been their previous release. What an album it never was. (Sam)

Artist: Sunscreem
Title: Perfect Motion

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I was absolutely made up to finally track this down on vinyl after hearing it on numerous occasions at Bliss by my heroes Nick Thompson, Stu Hackett and of course, Dj Hollis. An epic tune which still goes down a treat today (providing your audience are 35+). (Mo)

Artist: Doug Lazy
Title: Let it Roll

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Picture the scene, Tribal Gathering, summer ‘93. 2 massive stages back-to-back, glorious sunshine, the event really just getting started and out from the speakers blasts this epic track, an absolute favourite for me and raving buddy, Tot. This record takes me back to that event in all its glory and so when I came across it on vinyl, a purchase was a must. Played to audiences at the Que Club on Flashback warm-ups, it’s a blinder! (Mo)

Artist: Iron Maiden
Title: Live After Death

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This vinyl was my older brothers, he played it to me to help me sleep when I was a baby. I rediscovered this album in a stash of vinyl, when I was a teenager, and it started off my metal, and punk phase, this is arguably one of the greatest live metal albums of all time, and still a fun listen over 30 years later. (Gemma)

Artist: Madonna
Single/Album: La Isla Bonita

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I am not ashamed to admit that I love a bit of 80’s Madonna, and this single was released in 1986, the year I was born. This track is typical 80’s cheese, and I rediscovered it last year when the Queen of pop herself re-recorded the lyrics for Diplo so he could use it for a Major Lazer dub plate. (Gemma)