Earlier this year we made the decision to invest £500,000 in the latest mobile scanning technology which we can’t wait to showcase at your event. It was a big decision - mostly for our FD who is notoriously tight - but an important one. Other than perhaps car parking, access control is the first thing customers encounter when they arrive at the event, so it’s an opportunity to make a great first impression.

Our suite of new scanners are ridiculously quick to scan QR codes and RFID tags. There’s no need to aim a barcode scanner carefully at a ticket. You can point the scanner in the general direction of the ticket and it scans it instantly.

The scanners are also dustproof, drop-proof and waterproof (if you’ve ever suffered the indignity of wrapping iPods in cling film you’ll know exactly how important this is). The battery life is incredible - these things will scan tickets all day long and if you do need to change the battery, it won’t mess up your audit.

Our engineering team has been working hard to migrate our scanning software over to our new scanners and they’ve taken the opportunity to add loads of new features along the way.

  • Our scanners work offline so you don’t need to worry about the internet cutting out
  • You can configure which tickets can be scanned on each scanner thus creating separate access points for different ticket holders
  • Scanners automatically configure themselves when you tell them which gate they are to be used at - this saves hours of setup time

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