For the fourth year in a row we'd like to quietly draw your attention to our Christmas tradition, the 'Giving Tree'.

Like virtually every business in the UK we have a Christmas tree in our office. But underneath our tree you won't find traditional presents, or even amusing secret Santa gifts.

Instead, you will find donations of food which we take to the local food bank just before Christmas. The food bank publishes a list of food items which they would find most useful and our staff kindly buy whatever they can from this list to place underneath the tree.

There are many families in the UK who would go hungry without the support of the food bank, so we'd really welcome your support with this initiative. Perhaps you need to make room in your cupboards for all that food you have bought for Christmas, especially those sudden 'essentials' you don't stock in the house at any other time of the year. Otherwise, not to worry as the food list contains items for all budgets.

How You Can Get Involved

We hope this year will be bigger and better than ever so we have recruited some partners to be additional drop off stations for your donations. We have a public box office at 32 Frederick St, and other locations will be announced soon.

Feel free to drop any donations you have before Wednesday 20th December! If you're not in the area, feel free to post your donations to us (see address above) and we'll do the rest.