A while ago we were delighted to show our rebranded website - and rightly so, as the new branding has brought our brand identity to the level we've always aspired to be.

Now, it's our turn to help you improve the way your events are presented to the ticket buying public.

You know what our event pages look like: grey background, white boxes, your event info displayed clearly in the main column ... Well, all that is about to change.

When you log in to your promoter account and access one of your events you'll see a new option in the right hand menu: Customise event page. Click on this and you can enable customisation for your event page.

What does this mean in practice? You can upload a logo and a background image to your event page to really enhance the way your event is displayed. There are a few tweaks you can make, such as the position of the logo and the amount of space around it. You can also choose to repeat the background (e.g. if it's a pattern) or just display it once (e.g. if it's a picture).

Starry Skies is an example of how something really striking can be created using this new, simple feature.

We want our website to become a rainbow of colours, as you let your imaginations run wild and apply your creativity to your event listing page. Why not log in now and have a go?