1. Build a reliable and enthusiastic team

You can not do it by yourself and having a team that you can rely on is essential. Find people who are passionate about what they do and care about the experience that your customers expect. Don't just fill positions to 'get it done' but instead, take your time and surround yourself with a team that share your vision.

2. Design a powerful brand

Before you do anything else, you need a brand and a brand that delivers a clear message. Don't overthink it and keep it as simple as possible, so that your customers won't forget easily and more importantly, will tell their friends.

3. Location is key

Whatever market you are about to enter will be competitive and choosing the perfect venue for you is critical. Research venues in your area and take time contacting each one to discuss the packages / support that they offer. Rushing to book a venue could have damaging results and having to move venues at such an early stage is something that you want to avoid at all costs.

4. Pick the perfect date

This is something that is overlooked by event promoters and can be the difference between success and failure. Find out what your competitors are doing, are there any other major events happening, would a Bank Holiday help or hinder you and running your event on or near payday will give your sales a massive boost.

5. Promote your event like your life depends on it

Whatever you do, never take your foot off the 'marketing pedal' and at every opportunity, promote your event. With marketing and promotions firmly establishing itself as a digit process, focus your efforts on social media and paid-for posts; target the audience that is relevant to you and build direct campaigns to get the results that you need.