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Goodbye yellow, hello blue!

The day has finally come and we are launching our new platform - ticketsellers.co.uk [http://ticketsellers.co.uk/]. It's taken us over a year to complete the project alongside our other developments and our new domain allows us to finally drop the 'THE' from »

5 Golden Rules for running a successful club night

1. Build a reliable and enthusiastic team You can not do it by yourself and having a team that you can rely on is essential. Find people who are passionate about what they do and care about the experience that your customers expect. Don't just fill positions to »

5 Reasons Why You Should Volunteer At A Festival This Year!

Who doesn’t love free or cheap tickets to the festivals you love and they usually don’t come with bad terms. In my case, I got to work backstage helping the artists with anything they need and even though it was an 8 hour day it was fun and exhilarating and after the shifts »

Talking about a revolution

In 2018 we worked with Energy Revolution [https://www.energy-revolution.org.uk/] , a charity that helps festivals and events to balance fossil fuel miles with clean renewable energy. Together with over 50 members we helped balance over 3 million fossil fuel miles last year! The part we played in this »

TheTicketSellers deliver for new client Rumpus Productions

We worked with Rumpus Productions [http://rumpusparty.co.uk] for the first time this November, delivering ticketing for one of their super cool, extremely popular events. When we say popular, we mean it - their events often sell out within minutes and have buyers waiting for the sale to launch! »

Getting the most out of your promotions and discounted tickets

December is always a very busy month in the ticket industry for ticket agents and promoters alike. With tickets being purchased for events taking place over the festive period and lots of lucky people getting event tickets for Christmas, we know it's important to get the most out »