We have had another great year working with Energy Revolution, encouraging events to be mindful of the emissions caused by people travelling to their events and looking to balance them with carbon offsetting donations.

Events working with TicketSellers raised £13,897 in donations from 2019’s busy festival season, a whopping 53% increase from 2018. Carbon emissions from over 13 million travel miles have been balanced with investment in renewable energy by the 50 festivals and 30 suppliers working with Energy Revolution – smashing the 10 million mile target set when the project launched in 2015.

“There is a growing momentum from the live events industry to understand and take responsibility for its environmental impacts – Energy Revolution has succeeded in engaging a committed community of festivals, suppliers and their wider audiences in this vital conversation while channelling their donations into direct action by supporting renewable energy.” - Alison Tickell, CEO, Julie’s Bicycle & Trustee of Energy Revolution  

100% of all balancing donations are invested in sustainable, clean energy solutions such as wind and solar energy. In doing so, festivals, festival-goers, suppliers and artists can turn their fossil fuel travel miles into clean energy.

Donations from this year will go to projects that install solar panel systems on UK schools to give them access to affordable renewable energy and that work with the schools and local community groups to maximise the environmental, educational and community impact of the installations.

You can see more about the projects here.

A big thanks to the following festivals for taking part in 2019:
Boomtown, Eden, GT Bicycles Malverns Classic, Just So Festival, Noisily, Nozstock, Pando Festival, Port Eliot, Shambala Festival, Starry Skies, Timber Festival and Wonder Fields.
If you want to sign up with Energy Revolution and encourage your audience to offset their travel, get in touch today! Alternatively, why not offer incentives on coach travel or reward car-sharing? There are plenty of sustainability possibilities!

What’s in it for me?
We all know that sustainability is a massive issue and that we should all be doing something, no matter how small, to make a difference.  As well as feeling good about yourself, there are some bottom-line benefits to getting involved:

Carbon Calculator: add this to your ticket page for your audience to make an optional donation, be more engaged and aware of their travel impact (zero cost to you, TS cover processing fees).

Energy Revolution: 100% of donations go to renewable energy projects.

Belong to a club: there are numerous opportunities to talk to experts who will gladly help you with sustainability options for your event.

PR: the world is listening and by shouting about your efforts, you’ll find a new and exciting way of communicating with your audience.

Save money: most initiatives will save serious cash in the long run.

Fancy a trip to London?

On Tuesday 3rd March 2020, over 200 industry leaders, professionals and visionaries will gather at the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington for the Green Events & Innovations Conference, to share insights into event sustainability via presentations, case studies and discussion panels.
It’s a great day (we know, we’ve been) and your ticket includes a 5* lunch and networking drinks afterwards at the International AGF Awards. More info on their website here.
If you’re already on the road to a sustainable event, why not apply for a Greener Festival Award?  This is a wonderful accolade for any event and again offers brilliant opportunities for PR and recognition.

That’s it from us, have a great Christmas and we’ll see you on the other side…