Launched in the Summer of 2019, Music Declares Emergency is an independent group who believe in the power of music to encourage the mandatory cultural changes to create a greener, fairer, better future.

Music Declare Emergency represents all areas of the music industry irrespective of genre, role, gender, race or sexuality and is led by those who share a deep concern for the current climate emergency. The organisation recognises that the music industry needs its own group to drive this debate.

Throughout 2021/22, MDE will voice the call for urgent action on climate through their NO MUSIC ON A DEAD PLANET campaign, harnessing the influence and reach of artists and fans to bring this conversation fully into the mainstream.

Starting on April 19th (today!), the UK Music Industry will reinforce its commitment to action on the climate emergency with a series of announcements and artist reach outs in the week of Earth Day 2021.

Bringing together the creators, businesses, and individuals that drive UK music under the MDE banner "No Music On A Dead Planet - Turn Up The Volume", the week will highlight the amazing work on sustainability already taking place across the UK music scene and marks the start of an annual week of climate action for the UK music industry,

Get involved by signing the declaration at:

Or, register for one of the below events already being showcased:

Music Climate Action: Practical Workshop with Julie's Bicycle

Classical Music In the Climate crisis - what do we do next?

Turn Up The Volume: Music in the Climate Crisis Live Q&A

Music Declares Emergency with Soumik Datta & Sam Lee