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Festival Congress 2016

As friends of the AIF [], we first attended the Festival Congress [] in Cardiff in November 2015, hoping to catch up with some of our clients and learn a thing or two more about the festival industry in which we are so »

We are hiring!

Do you want to work with exciting technologies, solving real technical challenges, with a talented team in some of the nicest offices in Birmingham? Of course you do! Come and join our team. We have vacancies for PHP developers (both graduate level and more senior) and .NET/C#/MVC developers »

2015 - it's been a good one

There are fewer and fewer people in the TTS office every day as people start to finish work before Christmas. As it's my last day tomorrow I thought I'd end an almost full year of blogging with a summary of what we've done this »

Our culture

A lot of people have asked what it's like to work at TheTicketSellers. So we thought we'd write a bit about it to try and explain what makes it such a special place to be. The offices We've blogged about our offices [https://blog. »


We're always looking to offer new features which benefit customers and promoters alike and this autumn we've delivered another cracking addition to our website. We've already built two great ways to spread the cost of paying for tickets: 1. Deposit and balance - the »

Make it so

We are delighted to announce that tickets for Just So Festival 2016 - which is regularly voted one of the best family festivals in the UK - recently went on sale via our website. Photo by Jane Anderson - Summer Festival Guide [] Early bird tickets »

Feeding the masses

How do you feed 5000 people three times a day on a festival site? How do you cater for 40,000 covers over ten days without completely losing your mind? How do you make sure you're feeding the right people - and only the right people - when »

Greater than the sum(mer) of its parts

We are absolutely loving summer at TheTicketSellers. Perhaps not the weather, which has been unusually rubbish even for Britain. But from a work perspective things are going really, really well. We're proud to announce that summer 2015 is our busiest ever. We're involved in so many »

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

One of the sad truths of our modern society (at least here in the UK) is that every year we all seem to be a little bit worse off, financially speaking. Whether it's paying slightly more tax on things, or paying tax on more things, the money we »

Welcome to paradise

At 6am on 11th June, blinking in the crisp, early morning Birmingham air, our events team lugged bags of gear into the back of the X5. Despite being a decent sized 4x4, the car was soon full to the brim with camping gear, entry equipment, food, water, oh, and the »

We've redorated, now it's your turn

A while ago we were delighted to show our rebranded website - and rightly so, as the new branding has brought our brand identity to the level we've always aspired to be. Now, it's our turn to help you improve the way your events are presented »