Cya 2020!

As we draw to the end of the year, it can feel as though you're obligated to share your achievements from 2020. It's important to remember, though, that even if you feel as though you haven't achieved anything of note, making it to the end of the year is a »

2021 festival calendar

Beats from the East Festival: 10/07/2021 (Cambridgeshire) A one day mini-festival special, Beats from the East are showcasing some of East Anglia’s finest promotions and DJ’s. Three stages of dance set in a beautiful meadow on the outskirts of Cambridge, this is a dance experience that »

2021 festival calendar

Tearout Festival: 16/04 (Lancashire) & 16/07/2021 (Lincolnshire)Given the write off that was 2020, Tearout have been kind enough to offer two events for 2021 - such saints! The first rescheduled from January to April (we’ll still swing it as a Winter festival, for now), and »

12 benefits of working with TicketSellers

Not a partridge nor a pear tree in sight, but we thought we could still do what we can to bring you a sprinkling of (sort of) festive joy this season. 2020 has certainly been a year of ups and downs, but we at the TicketSellers like to stay optimistic. »

Support Your Independent Festivals, Take 2

Last week we brought you a little cheat sheet on how to support some of our favourite independent festivals; Shambala, Boomtown and Green Man. This week, we're back hot and heavier with another edition, this time sporting the likes of Shindig, Noisily, Tearout and Deer Shed. Read on, sweet saints. »

How to Support Your Favourite Independent Festivals

With the future of mass gatherings and events continuously in question, the livelihood of your favourite independent festivals is also in doubt. Independent organisers are, rightfully, worried, and the support of their fans, both past and future, has never been more necessary. The question remains, though: how can you support »

No Really, What's the Deal With Festival Tickets?

If you've been up to date with all things hip and trendy, you'll know that last week we let you in on some telling traits of festival vs. standard event tickets. Well, you're in luck, because we're back with a second rendition of everything festival tickets. On Sale TimelineWhereas club »

So, What's the Deal With Festival Tickets?

Recently, we spoke to some of our existing clients to get an idea of what we have been doing right and what their most pressing needs are in a time of COVID-19 and industry uncertainty. We have identified 6 areas in which festival ticketing differs from other types of event »

What Does A World Without the Festival Industry Look Like?

Another summer without feeling the euphoria that comes with walking through the entrance gates at a festival, the bass heavy in your chest and a sense of anticipatory wonder at the days to come. No waking up full of hangover and fighting it away with another beer, no laughing at »

Keeping the Community Fed

Last week, thousands across the country were devastated after the rejection of a Labour proposal to offer free meals throughout the school holidays until Easter 2021. Despite having the highest number of children utilising the Free School Meal provision during term time in the country (over 6,300 students), Northfield’ »

TicketSellers supports the Shield NHS Project

Now in the tenth week of isolation, our thoughts are very much glued to the idea of returning to the world that we once knew.  Our governments attempt to kick-start our economy back into life has left us feeling battered and confused at times but is there a glimmer of »