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It's the small things

It's the small things that make all the difference. There are blogs dedicated to the small details in our every day applications. The little touches that bring them to life, make them feel more human and make them fun to use.

For example, early in his career (and before he joined Apple), renowned Apple design chief Jony Ive designed the

Free rides with Uber

Uber, the San Francisco based tech company currently disrupting the taxi industry launched in Birmingham on 12th February, earlier this year.

Uber provides rides on demand using a combination of a smartphone app and a network of drivers in major cities around the world. The aim is to make getting a lift quicker, cheaper and safer than traditional taxi services.

Apple, watches and scalability

This morning, 10th April 2015 at 8:00am the Apple Watch went on sale for the first time. By 8:01am we'd bought two - a Sport model and the slightly more expensive standard model. We've resisted the pull of the £8,000+ models for now.

"Why do you need it?" we hear you ask, a question echoed by thousands

We've redecorated

If you've visited recently (we're sure you're on the site daily - if not more frequently) you're bound to have noticed that we've done a spot of decorating.

Although we loved our old website and had happily sold nearly 2 million tickets through it we felt it was time for a change. Let's just say we

Follow the leader

We're proud of the TTS Crew system - and with good reason. Some of the best and brightest festivals in the UK (including Boomtown, Shambala, Secret Garden Party, Port Elliot Festival, Bearded Theory and Birmingham Pride) use it to manage staff at their events. We make no apology for the very specific nature of this post which will mostly appeal

Ticket to ride

From the early days of the internet, mankind has yearned for the ability to shorten links, save space, and make the much easier to remember.

As well as making life easier for us all, short URLs are great for text messages (where space is at a premium) and they just look really, really good. We've had our