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Security with Troy Hunt

World renowned security expert Troy Hunt visit our offices last week to present a two day software security workshop. We've talked about this before, but here's a recap as to how things went. We turned our engineering department into a training centre: Troy arrived and the workshop began: Troy set »

Securing our future

Our philosophy for attracting and retaining talented software engineers is simple - do whatever it takes to keep them happy. After all, they're the future of our business. We can't expect to have an industry leading website without employing the raw talent needed to build and maintain it. In addition »

Eventree tickets with terms and conditions

We've added a new feature to eventree that you might find useful. It asks people to agree to terms and conditions before they can download their ticket. It works like this. When creating or editing a ticket type click on the secret advanced extra options button labelled 'Show more': Scroll »

Sales data in your pocket

When you're planning an event there's a lot going on. A lot of different things need your attention. You haven't always got time to check on everything - you just need the important facts at your fingertips. Starting right now, the latest version of Box Office puts vital sales stats »

Make your customers feel extra special

Everyone likes a bargain and event organisers are constantly seeking new ways to engage with their audience, so the wonderful tech team at TTS have come up with a new tool that does both. Offering customers a discount by inserting a promo code in a box is nothing new, but »

Applications for Lambeth Country Show

We first met with Lambeth Country Show before Christmas, where we exchanged ideas about how they could streamline the process of collecting, sorting, and communicating with hundreds of applicants who come together to make this amazing 42-year old show what it is. eventree allows the organisers to have a central »

We've got something noteworthy to say

So, you know our amazing new sales charts that we announced last week? Loads of event organisers have been in touch to say how useful they are. Thank you for your feedback. We agree! They are very useful. We've got some really exciting new sales related features coming soon, but »

Nothing stops us from working

We've got exciting news about our iPhone app, Box Office which has been updated today. Version 1.1, available now in the App Store now continues to work even when you lose internet connection. As long as the app has been online long enough to download the ticket data then »

Meals on wristbands

There's nothing worse on site than hungry crew. Ok, there are worse things, but you definitely, really don't want your crew going hungry if you can help it. If you're reading this you probably already know that eventree is probably the most reliable way to redeem crew meals on site. »

We've installed installments

We're all price conscious people at TheTicketSellers. We get it - life is expensive and sometimes customers need to spread the cost of paying for tickets. The problem is, popular events sell out quickly. So how do you reconcile these two things? Previously we've launched 2 ways of spreading the »

Great Textpectations

We think it's really important to meet our customers' expectations in every possible way. That's why we review every single new feature carefully to ensure that it's intuitive for people, rather than confusing them. We asked customers to rank the following ways that they would like to communicate with businesses »