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Tracking forms has never been easier

We're excited to announce a few updates to Eventree which make it easier to keep track of who you've requested forms from, who's sent them back, and who you need to chase. Come with me on a short journey to demonstrate how this works... Imagine that you're an event organiser »

New Eventree features, November 2018

We're constantly releasing updates to Eventree to either add new features we think you'll find useful or to improve the features which are already there. This month we've already released 3 new features which we believe will significantly improve your experience with Eventree. Automatically allocate tickets In an ideal world »

TheTicketSellers expands again

We're really pleased with the way 2018 has begun. We've added 3 major brands to our ever-growing list of clients. More importantly, to make sure that all our clients are given plenty of care and attention we've added a new account manager to our team because the current team was »

Customer service is our top priority

We love being helpful, and actually providing help to your customers (who are in fact also our customers) is what sets us apart from many other ticket agents or ticketing platforms. Rather than simply forwarding an email to the event organisers we have a 24hr UK-based call centre where you »

Application form enhancements

Since loads of you are using Eventree's application forms to recruit volunteers, traders and even performers, we thought you'd like to know about two new features which could help you out in 2018. 1) Application form payments Ever wanted to take a payment from people at the point they complete »

The Giving Tree year 4

For the fourth year in a row we'd like to quietly draw your attention to our Christmas tradition, the 'Giving Tree'. Like virtually every business in the UK we have a Christmas tree in our office. But underneath our tree you won't find traditional presents, or even amusing secret Santa »

Say it your way

So, you're a happy Eventree user. You've added your crew to your event and assigned them all the right tickets. Great. Now you need to send them all out. Here are some tips to help with that. 1 Tone We think it's really important that communications from Eventree reflect your »

On the door sales

To support a number of exciting multi-day events over the summer the technical team at TheTicketSellers delivered an exciting new feature - an on-the-door sales interface built into our existing ticketing platform. Why is this important? Whilst some events sell out well in advance others don't - and often for »

Food for thought

As a smallish Birmingham-based company we're always excited to work with other smallish Birmingham-based companies, especially when it makes life better for our clients and demonstrates the creativity and talent in Birmingham. Today we're happy to announce something we've been planning for several months. Coming October 2016, Eventree will integrate »

Movers and shakers

Eventree users listen up! Did you know that you can move individuals from one part of the system to another? It's a new enhancement we've just launched and we're already finding it really handy. For example, you might want to stick all your bar volunteers in a group together, but »

Here to help

With usage of Eventree at an all time high this summer we thought it was time we put a better mechanism in place to help all our clients. Up until now you've been emailing various team members directly with questions, feature requests, ideas etc. This is fine, and we love »